Can't install vista on fresh hard drive


Sep 30, 2007
I successfully installed on a hard drive last week, but the drive died the next day.
I got a new drive from a more reliable source but now windows doesn't want to install on it.

Bios detects the drive as installed.

But after trying to install windows it said something about failing to load drivers.

I wonder if part of the problem is that I tried putting in a windows 7 recovery disk from a different computer thinking I could install windows 7 off it. I couldn't. Instead I tried doing a startup repair and then turning off the computer because it was on the attempting repairs screen for too long.
Could that have overwritten some drivers on my motherboard that are necessary, or is that not likely a source of the problem?

Now I've got the vista disk back in and am attempting a startup repair from it, but it's been going for over an hour while still stuck as saying "attempting repairs". I don't know if it's ever going to complete or if it just takes a long time. I don't even know what good this is doing, does it even do anything if I never had a copy of windows installed on this new HD to begin with?

Should I just cancel the startup repair?
And how do I fix the problem with it failing to load drivers?
you shouldn't have to do all that. restart the computer and boot to the vista install disk and during the install choose advanced and delete all the partitions and format the drive

after the install windows may not have all the drivers for your hardware so you may have to go download some

with that said i really recommend upgrading your OS to windows 7 if you can