Can't install W2K!



Can someone please tell me or give me a link to installing Win2k on a Raid array? I just installed 2 IBM 60 GXP's, and even the cables are identical. The array works, but I can't load the Promise Fastrak 100 Lite drivers to save my life. I have tried it MS's way, and every way I can think of and I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I get a non-bootable disk error, and it tells me to check any new hard drives Iv'e installed.

Me works perfectly (well, it works), and I benched the drives with SiSoftSandra and got nearly 50,000 so I know the array is functioning properly.

Can someone with experience with this help me out please? Having this OS on my computer would save me from having to go to the lab at school to do my work and would leave me some free time. Thanks for any help.

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Feb 14, 2001

I'm trying to get Win2K Pro installed on a RAID0 array under an onboard Promise Fasttrak 100 Lite.

I can build the array, set it to bootable/active.
Booting to DOS allows me to FDISK and format partitions. I can read and write to the array fine.
Trying to install 2K or XP to the array fails. I'm using F6, and have what are supposed to be the drivers on floppy, latest ones downloaded from Asus. The install says it will load support for the Win2000 or WinXP version of the array controller - but never seems to.

Native install from bootable CD leaves me with no detectable HDD partition to install to, booting through DOS and running setup from the CD copies all the files to HDD, then after requesting additional SCSI controllers (supplied) it tries to boot into the setup for Win2k and blue screens with inaccessible boot device.

With the install files on the HDD array now, it will boot to the menu selector, try to do the initial Win2K install, but always blue screens.

Has anyone had any joy setting up 2K or XP to boot off onboard raid on an Asus (A7V133) board?

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