[SOLVED] can't install windows 7....


Oct 14, 2017
Hello all,

I Have just recently built a brand new pc, however i can't seem to install windows 7 pro x64 active on it.
Ryzen 5 3600x
asus rog strix b450-f gaming
geil evo x 3200 2x8gb ram sticks
rx 580 8gb oc
250gb super boot nvme
125gb hdd
1tb hdd
my problem is that no matter what i seem to do, poweriso, usb, cd, and or even sd cards, none seem to allow me to do anything once it gets to the install bit. usb's "mouse and keyboard" ps2 or usb keyboards/mice's seems to just lock the moment it gets to the install screen. poweriso windows setup experienced unexpected error. To Install windows, restart the installion right after it gets to windows activated setup is starting every-time. cd/sd's does the same thing usb does.

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if you update your win 7 install disk with the drivers, then you can easily install it with usb 3. my b450 GB aorus pro does not even have usb 2 on it yet i had no problem installing and using win 7 as my daily driver.

check this out for the tool that will easily make it all work right away!!


takes a while but in the end your win 7 iso will install on any new hardware AMD or intel. i have done it many times now and have no problems using this updated iso for new hardware installations. do note though that you do still need win 7 drivers for the mobo features which are not always available so be sure your mobo has win 7 drivers to use. otherwise the whole exercise is wasted.
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Wouldn't bother. There's no driver support including lan either. System be seriously gimped and no internet connection, unless you buy a network card? Id rethink this, Win10 isn't all that bad and you can enter your 7 key to activate.


thats just it i don't have a key i have a permanently active copy of windows 7 r2 with all vers Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. so even if i wanted to upgrade to windows 10 i would still need to install 7.
I freshly installed Win10 on two systems using Win7 Pro & Ultimate key and both were accepted. Microsoft is allowing you to use Win7 keys to activate Win10 without doing the upgrade thing. You're good to go.


Not sure what you meant by your other system. To activate Win10 with a Win7 licence means you won't be using that key anymore for Win7 on another computer. Since you were trying to install Win7 on your new system, which licence were you thinking of using?
USB3 drivers are not included in the windows 7 install media.
There is a method to include them in a slipstream, but it is a bit complicated.
Easiest is to use a sata dvd for the install.

Many non supported windows 7 apps will ru