Can't install Windows XP games on Windows 7

Just install the as you would on a PC with Windows XP.

However, there are some old games that will simply not run in Windows 7. For example, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I and II does not run in Windows 7 at all. You can install it, but you won't be able to play it. If you want to play those games, you need to install Win XP.

Some old games may require you to play the game in Windows XP mode. Simply right click the game's EXE file, then in the compatibility tab select Win XP SP2 or SP3 mode.


Oct 12, 2011
Yeah. Beacasue almost all PC games are backward compadable. as a example, i am playing Command and concor :zero hour with my windows 7 as i type this. Maybe its just a problem with you rig in partiualr...

How did you get KOTOR II to run? I installed it and it would basically crash when I attempt to start a new game. After doing some research I found a lot of complaints that KOTOR I & II does not run in Vista or Win 7.
i installed that a few weeks back and apart from not supporting my screen size it worked fone for me with no xp mode or anything from what i remember. (KOTOR II btw) and the other starwars game republic commando.

just make sure your dx is upto date (install the 1 with the game) and make sure your vcredist is fully installed and working. other than that i just installed and ran it.



May 19, 2012

I am trying to play big fish hidden object games..they download without a problem but when I go to play the game nothing appears???