Question Cant left click, won't search, error logs full, please what should I do?

Kim boley

Dec 23, 2020
Hello. I recently got a computer, windows 10 pro 64. It did some updates and has not worked properly since.
I can not left click on the start button, only right click opens anything. No search feature works. It's very slow. I use an old Corel program and it hangs up like it needs more memory, which it probably does, but it worked fine on my old dino with less memory.
I am wondering, can I do an upgrade on this mother board, maybe more ram, better video card?
But I think my problem is software related. I have 31000 entries in my event Admin log, 15000 in the application log.
I have been just deleting the logs and dealing with the issue. But I am really over it. Should I get a new operating system? This was a new install on a new hard drive about a year ago.
I have the AVG program installed and it says I have thousands of bad registry items. How can that be?
I do not know much about this OS, can somebody please advise, suggestions to fix.
Here are some of my details, (not sure how to attach a file)
Processor is AMD Ryzon, 3.1200 Quad Core 3.10ghz, Ram is 16gb
My errors are in Admin Events, DistributedCom, 10010, search
also, lots of number 1000. Cortina, cpuz failed to start, 7000, photos timestamp, 1000
I have not deleted the logs in the event they will be helpful. If somebody is willing to help me, or guide me. Should I just buy a new operating system, a whole new computer, can I upgrade this one?


Win 11 Master
Jun 12, 2015
Processor is AMD Ryzon, 3.1200 Quad Core 3.10ghz, Ram is 16gb
Is this a pre made PC or did you make it yourself?
If pre made, what make/model?
If you made it, what motherboard is it?

see if this works
right click start
(hopefully you can left click choices in this menu)
choose Powershell (admin)
copy/paste this command into window: (if you have to type it, spacing is important)

Repair-WindowsImage -Online -RestoreHealth

and press enter

Then type SFC /scannow

and press enter

Restart PC if SFC fixes any files as some fixes require a restart to be implemented

First command repairs the files SFC uses to clean files, and SFC fixes system files

SFC = System File Checker. First command runs DISM -

Almost every win 10 PC on earth has Dcom errors

Event viewer isn't best place to look.