Can't login from one PC...?


Jul 6, 2004
I'm having what appears to be the zonealarm PRO problem on my WinXP system, so it seems at least. I get the cookies not enabled error page and reference to the ZAPRO thread in this section when I try to login.

But I don't use ZA PRO - and it doesn't work even if I shut down ZA. :(

This other PC is working fine, and I used the same (almost - Running Win2k here but XP on the problem PC) AV/firewall setup - free Avast & free ZA, both new installs from within the last 2 weeks. I also stopped Avast and ZA both and tried. IE settings are forced to low for the I-zone, Tom's (in several variations) is in the trusted list, umm... Windows firewall is off.., can't think of anything else I've played with/got installed at the moment... I know cookies are enabled - other sites that require cookies work.

Hmm... I'm currently logged in as administrator... Ok, I logged in as a new user on that computer to reset all settings to default - same problem. Both windows installs are less than 2 wks old. wierd.

Oh well - couple other tidbits of random info: DSL to a speedstream 5250? to a Linksys broadband router (forget the model #.. BEFVP41? 51? the common one, VPN version). Both PC's are connected to that. Both machines are fully updated and the Avast & ZA installs were from the same DL.

Gah, I expect this to be a simple thing that I've just forgot... I tend to do that for no explicable reason... : I hope it is though...

Anyways... now that you've read my book, does anyone have any ideas?