Can't login to my PC (vista 64xbit)


Dec 3, 2009
one night i turned off my PC to install around 20 important updates. after they installed, my PC turned off. when i tried to turn it back on, the resolution on my monitor was set at very low (i think 800x600 or something) and i was stuck on the logon screen. the account available to login to was "other user" and there was no picture. the thing that baffled me was that i had to input a password. my normal account has no password and isnt called "other user". i cant get into my computer because there is no password for my account and there shouldnt even be a "other user" account. when i launch startup repair, i get the same problem. when i try any of the f8 options like safe mode, repairmy computer or any of the other ones, it gives me the same problem. the only time when something else happens is when i select the option that allows unsigned drivers to load. when i select this, i get a blue-screen error that says Bad_Pool_Caller. this is something that i noticed about a month ago, when i installed an update for my video card (3450 ati radeon) and after that update i had to reboot my PC several times before it would actually start due to the bad_pool_caller error, also when i selected startup repair i would get the same problem that i am currently having with the "other user" account. this is really annoying since all of my school-work is on my computer, all my 10 or more GB of music and about 50 GB of games. the only option would be taking it to be repaired (which could a lot of money) or i could pop in the system-restore disk, thus erasing all my data, which would take me a really ong time to obtain (download) again. any help would be strongly appreciated and i hope to resolve this issue asap.