Cant logon to computer


Sep 24, 2012
Converting my work computer to my personal home computer. Work setup had remote login and global accounts. I tried to clean it up and remove remote login access so my former employer wasnt able to log into my personal compter. Now I cant logon.
Computer history...
- computer at work
- Brought computer home. Enabled with remote login by IT so I can work from home
- Left job. They said keep computer.
- Have it home and tried to remove remote login and change user accounts.
- Now cant logon to computer.

Please help.

Thank you.
Try loging-in with the Administrator account.. if you don't know the password or know if it even has one, leave the password space blank... The administrator is usually left without a password during the installation so there's a good chance you may not need a password.


If it's a work computer, 99% it will have an admin password set.

You need to find out from the company what the local logon is. If you can't do that, you can re-install a new version of Windows on it.

Since you played around with the accounts, hard to say exactly what you did and what accounts are left to use, probably re-installing Windows is your best pick.

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