Question Can't map network drive ?


May 17, 2009
I have my main PC with a shared folder setup. On my android box running Kodi I am able to connect to my share drive no problem. When I go onto my file explorer on my Android phone, I can see the share folder and when I type the name/password I have access as well. So the folder on my PC is shared just fine.

On my laptop, I enabled sharing, and I was able to map my two network drives from my NAS (external drive) no problem.... but when I click to map the share folder from my PC, it shows up when searching the network, and when I click to add it, instead of asking for username and password, it says "you do not have permission to access \\Thomas-PC\Downloads. Contact your network administrator to request access."

Any ideas?

Basically I can access my shared folder from other devices , just not from the laptop. The laptop can connect to other shared drives, just not the one on the PC.

I just got given the laptop, older 4th gen i3. I maxed the ram out and swapped the drive to a 256GB SSD. Windows10 was just installed and fully updated today.