Cant minimize la noire in pc


Apr 24, 2012
Please could anyone tell me whether I can truly play the complete la noire game on my pc Here are the specifications:
Intel Duo Core 1.80GHz Windows 7 32 bit 3gb ram ati radeon hd 5400 series graphics(1gb) generic pnp monitor pci based acpi x86 based pc.I know the processor especially doesn't meet the requirements yet I have somehow begun to play it at the lowest settings(directx 11)I just wish to know would there be any problems in the long run(would it freeze or crash?).It's a bit slow but works.The windows icon button can't minimize the game like in gta san andreas.Any help here would be appreciated.Are there any mods updates or patches required-you see I patched it externally(clicking on the patch file) and now before synchronizing, everytime the message'failed to download patch' appears.I hope my hardware won't be damaged in any way?!Plus,I can't play it with directx9('ad9a failed to load...' error appears)I wonder is there a problem there?Also the games section in the start menu hasn't been able to detect this game-all other played games have been listed.I am worried on the account of numerous problems people have mentioned occur in this high requirement game.Please reply when you can;I know it's a bit too much to post yet I've been as clear as possible
the game minimizes just fine if you have at least one window open on your desktop (ie windows explorer)

if you don't have any windows open but you need to alt tab use Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring up the task manager and then alt tab to it.

This game is a console port and it's not that requiring (texture resolutions for some things downright from 6 years ago), the fact that you got an ancient hardware trying to run modern games is a different matter entirely.