Can't move a open photo across a (Dual Monitor Setup)


Dec 16, 2012
Hi, I have a dual monitor setup and I do photoediting, and youtube stuff. Now when I open a photo it goes to my second screen, but then when I try to move it over the first screen, its stops responding and closes the Program. here is the error message.

COM Surrogate has stopped responding.

Someone please help me fix this thanks
That is usually a codec error. Do you have any codec packs installed like K-Light? I have not seen that error in quite some time but I remember when I used to get them it turned out to be because of K-Light being installed. Also what program are you using to open your photos?

Do the following steps BEFORE looking at the above link. If your problem is solved then no need to look further.

1) Install the 32-bit version of K-Lite (Use FULL version) and,
2) *Install the 64-bit version of K-Lite (Use FULL Version)
*Only install the 64-bit version if you have 64-bit Windows. To clarify, 32-bit only for 32-bit Windows but BOTH for 64-bit Windows.

32-bit K-Lite:
64-bit K-Lite:

Among other things, the 64-bit version added THUMBNAIL support for pictures. I don't know the full extend of its support but it doesn't hurt to add it even if you don't need it.

3) Install FASTSTONE regardless of whether you use it:

4. Ensure VIDEO DRIVERS are the latest. (must be for proper version of Windows and your graphics chip/card from Intel, AMD or NVidia as suitable. Choose "AUTODETECT" to be safe.)