Can't overclock Acer t180?



Hey I've been trying to find where in my BIOS to overclock my Acer T180 CPU its a AMD athlon 3800+

The bios is R01-A2

I've been reading around and it seems that perhaps you cannot overclock it? Would anyone know for sure if I can or can't? I'm getting farcry 2 in 2 days and I want to be above minimum reqs.

Thanks in advance


Dec 7, 2008
Well I have the acer t180 and also did a search for overclocking.... It looks like your best bet is getting another video card and overclock that. I know msi have utilities for doing that because I have an older computer that has it. My current card on here is a pci-e nvidia gf 6600gt. I got it a couple years back to play cs source and it works fine. I'm not sure of the specs of farcry2 but I would expect to have 2 gigs of ram (I only have 1) and at least a gf8800 or something. The 6 series is getting old now.