Question Can't play any game anymore because of a weird input lag

Apr 13, 2022
Hi everyone, i'm having an issue which is making me go crazy:
In every gamei'm experiencing a slight input delay which makes it unplayable and frustrating. Even if FPS and ping are always ok i can always feel a delay between my mouse/keyboard clicks and the actual movement on display. Everything was working fine like few weeks ago.

Here is what i tried:
-updating graphic drivers
-updating chipset drivers
-changing HDMI cable
-Cleaning the CPU fan (i don't have an external fan but till few days ago everything worked fine so i don't think it could be the problem)
-Resetting router
-Booting with one of the 2 rams
-Checking V-Sync off in my settings ( but i experience this problem even in stupid browser games which doesn't have V-sync, like haxball, for example)
-Enabling Radeon Anti-Lag
-Checking my RAM with Memtest
-Packet-Loss test

These are my specs: View:

Monitor: MSI MP241
PSU: be quiet! System Power B9 350W , Model: SB9-350W

What else can i try? Or what could the problem be in your opinion? Thank you!


How old is that 350 Watt PSU?

Condition: original, new, refurbished,used? History of heavy gaming use?

The PSU may simply no longer be able to keep up with the game play power demands.

Do you have access to another known working PSU with more wattage (500-600 perhaps) to test?
Apr 13, 2022
I bought this PSU (new) three years ago , and i used it for gaming until today.
I actually don't have access to another PSU but if you think is a legit try i will find a way. But if it is a PSU problem, isn't it weird thati have this problem even on browser games that doesn't have (in my newbie opinion) that much power demand?
Also, is there a way to test PSU using a software?