Question Cant play games, AMD Ryzen 7 3700x

Jul 18, 2020
I swapped my intel i5 7600k and a strix z270h gaming for a AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and a Aorus B550 Pro motherboard, i reinstalled windows and installed all drivers and games but nothing works, all my games crash, some get error messages some not, some crash on launch some crash after couple errors, I had a porblem with FIFA 20 but i changed DIRECTX_SELECT = 0 to 1 and it fixed it, but games like Escape From Tarkov Crash randomly and Modern Warfare 2019 wont even launch, I get DEV Errors like 6068 and 5759. I underclocked my Gpu but that didn't work either, some games i get Directx error and some just crash so i don't know, i played Rainbow Six Siege wich runs on Directx 11 and that works fine, my gamesruns poorly and everything is just a pain in the ass, Please help

Vic 40

Please list full pc spec.
download hwinfo,
install and open it=click run,
close the top window which is the system summary,
in the main window at the left top click "save report",
at the bottom of the next window check "Summary for Clipboard",
after that you'll see what's in the pc,
copy by clicking "copy to clipboard" and rightclick+paste in your next respons


Feb 20, 2020
120gb kingston ssd 2.5" 2TB Baracuda Harddrive :

Are this older drives, I suppose?

I googled for the DEV errors you mentioned , and found a lot of them with warfare.

Those errors plus the other errors could be caused be buggy SSD or harddisk.

I for my own years ago did have similar issues with new PCs, and last but not least my ram caused the error.

Both, RAM or disk, produce different bugs in complety different situations and not even reproducable.

My suggestion:

1. check the events in windows ( administration and event viewer), if you find system entries about ram- or disk-errors.

2. replace powersupply-cable for SSD and harddisk

NOK --> proceed with

3. replace sata-cable for SSD and harddisk

NOK --> proceed with

4. replace harddisk

NOK --> proceed with

5. replace SSD

NOK --> proceed with

6. check, if RAM-modules in slots A2/B2

NOK --> proceed with

7. if yes, get some new RAM ( relatively cheap in the moment)

If you prefer, you can start with MEMTEST or similar utilities to check RAM-stability ----> if OK, start with 1., if not, start with 7.