Question Can't play games at fullscreen in lower resolutions


Jul 3, 2016
Hey guys. I recently got a brand new laptop, with pretty acceptable specs for general college use, but I wanted one that I could also use for some light gaming, like league of legends, cs:go, and so on. It's an ASUS VivoBook, with a Ryzen 5 3500U (Vega 8 Graphics), with 8Gb of RAM and a 256Gb SSD + 1TB setup. The odd thing is, whenever I choose to play a game at a lower resolution than the laptop's screen (1080p), and I choose to stay fullscreen, it preserves the actual resolution, and plays the game in the top left corner. Like, if I choose for example, 800x600 fullscreen, it just plays a square on the top left corner. I uploaded a pic with the actual problem. Everything in my Radeon Settings is set to full panel. I'll leave some pics of what my screen looks like when I set CS:GO's res. to 800x600 fullscreen, and some print screens of my Radeon Settings. If anyone has any idea of what this might be I would be so, but so grateful. My laptop plays some games just fine, but they must be lower than 1080p to run at 60fps+, and not being able to play them fullscreen bugs me so much! Thanks again guys.



Nov 18, 2019
It seems your in a catch 22. Can't you just render the game at 1080 but per game just take off all the eye candy.

I haven't had this kind of issue since 2008ish where your actual issue is happening and that was a combo of old tube PC monitor and the solution was to mess with in game settings to lower and test until a happy balance was found.