Can't press one key when pressing multiple keys at the time.


Jan 26, 2016
I have the "Pluscom gamer" keyobard, got it for really cheap and started coming back to a game I played a while back.
The game requires holding down W and Spacebar most of the time and switching hotbars with 1-9 keys at the top.
When I hold down W+Spacebar, I can click any key I want BUT "4" and "4" is the one key I need to use a lot and it really triggers me when I get cucked because other slots are uncomfortable and affect my gameplay by a lot.
Is there any way I can my "4" key to work so that I can press W+SPACEBAR+4 ? I can do W+SPACEBAR+(any key on the keyobard except 4) if you have any fix please help

Im sorry for my horrible formatting


Most keyboards detect which keys are pressed by scanning a contact matrix and which key combinations can be detected depends on how the keys are distributed across the array. Some keyboards have better distribution or split the entire matrix into multiple separate arrays to achieve more concurrent detections which is frequently called "N-key roll-over" in gaming keyboard reviews. Reviews only test a subset of all possible key combinations, it is entirely possible that some combinations may have limitations unless the manufacturer explicitly guarantees performance across all possible combinations.

If the keys work fine individually, then it sounds like it is simply down to your keyboard's matrix not being able to handle that particular combination and the only 'fix' is to get a different keyboard.