Cant read cd/dvd drives and resets itself at start up


Aug 27, 2010
HP 9300z. When I put a cd or a dvd into either slot it says it can not find the drives. Same thing when I try to copy anything to a cd. Any idea what is wrong? This is a brand new machine right out of the box. Its done this since day one. Also, when I first turn it on the moniter has all the colors wrong. Everything is a reddish tint. I will push one of the buttons on the bottom of the moniter and a screen comes up in a strange forien language. I think its German but I really dont know. Sometimes its in English. Push the button untill it highlights the "factory reset" menu and push ok. It ask yes or no. Push yes and the colors are normal again. This happens about every 3rd time turning the machine on. We called HP's tech suport. What a joke. After the 2 hours on the phone and them inside my computer its the same as always. The wrong colors and language. Any ideas on this problem?