Question Cant reinstall Windows using USB boot ?

Sep 2, 2021
Ok so there were some issues with my driver I couldnt fix it and I just messed it up to a point that after rebooting my system windows try to auto repair but it cant. So I just need to reinstall the windows I guess. I have a flash drive for win10 but I just cant find those settings in my bios to boot the flash drive. Its an Asus Strix and it doesnt have OS type and CSM and stuff. Anyone familiar with that bios to help me out?


Win 10 Master
laptop... and only manual is likely in spanish and they never help anyway. they assume laptop owners don't need to know about the bios.

nice if it was listed here - but its not.

Wonder what bios it has, probably insyde would be my guess. but looking at other Asus bios it might not be.

can you share some photos of the bios screens? would need to upload to imgur and show links here.

some of this might help, its not your laptop but I wouldn't think asus ones wouldn't change that much -