Can't remember childhood game from 2000-2005


Aug 5, 2013
So I've already forgotten the name once and I posted the question somewhere on the internet a few years ago and I found it.. I've played it.. I loved it..

now I can't find the forum post anymore and I can't remember the game name again.

Here is what I remember about the game:

Not Serious Sam, Quake, Doom, UT, but similar (except for the environment). But similar looking graphics..

The name had one word in it

Played it on a PC

FPS action adventure "horrorish?" game

You had weapons like the one from UT (rotating 3 barrels), you had an explosive crossbow, a shotgun.. There were quite a few weapons..

The game was set in a very old ancient environment..

You were mostly fighting against weird monsters, skeletons, etc..

One of the most memorable scenes was when you were walking down the stairs there would be 2 skeletons waiting for you behind the big 2 stone piers on each side of the hallway and jumpscare attack you when you got close enough.. they would make a sound when running towards you from their bones and armor hitting against each other.

There were also big boss fights in a big round open arena where there would be an cage elevator in the middle where monsters would come from.. there was also a type of monster that would keep splitting in two once you killed it...