Cant remember name of old game!


Aug 19, 2011
I played this game somewere end 90's on the PC.
It was very simple.

it was a contant overview of a small city. you had a bank, a clothing shop, a school, fastfood and some other buildings. they were build in a cirkel.
You just had to find a job, go to your job, buy food, clothes, you could study so you could get a better job, at the bank for sample.
It was a only click game, and there was no character walking around or anything.
You can also buy better clothing. It was somewhat of a Pre Sims.
You had to sleep, click on your house and press sleep or something, and also buy a better house.

Im sorry i cant make it any clearer.
I hope someone knows this game and can help me. i looked everywere on google.

Thank you

ps. i'm not english so sorry for pretty bad english:)