Cant remember name of old pc game!!!!


Aug 15, 2012
I can't remember the name of this game I used to play. It's pretty old, probably on windows 98, and came on a selection of brightly coloured discs. The discs had different segments on them which where different colours. They were a collection of mini games you could play including a sort of spin the wheel game show in which a woman would say over and over 'charmed I'm sure'. Can't remember her name so annoying! There was another game where you had to catch fruit in a basket as it fell down the screen and another one where you had to mix together chemicals to make potions. This is just a selection I remember. I believe there was a little bit of platform gaming in it with a guy called sid who I'm pretty sure wore sunglasses. I think the baddy he had to get past was a dog but I can't be sure.

I know my information is a lot of ifs and maybes but if ANYONE recognises this game please let me know!


simply great

Dec 25, 2013
Try looking up arcade games on Google.. is there anything else you remember about the games on the disks or the disk covers themselves?