Question Can't reset my Windows 10 pc

Mar 18, 2021
I need to reset my pc because it has been having some really weird problems that I cannot seem to fix because every time I restart the PC it goes back to a certain save state where if I had deleted a file it will come right back after I restarted the PC. When I try to reset the PC through settings it says no changes were made and when I try to do it from the troubleshooting blue screen, the screen goes black and boots right back up into Windows 10 without the PC being reset at all, and none of the problems being fixed. So far, I have tried SFC scan and Dism scan but both found not bad or corrupt files. I also tried a DDU and when it finished uninstalling drivers it would restart the PC and go back to as if I had never uninstalled drivers. I also tried resetting bios but that has not changed anything either. Finally, If I boot into Windows and then keep my computer on for about 10-15 mins it will give me a BSOD, restart but then get stuck booting up, and then after 5 mins of being stuck it will say Rebbot and Select proper Boot device. To fix this I have to change boot device in bios but it is still annoying.

CPU: AMD ryzen 5 2600
GPU: rtx 2080ti
PSU: corsair cx550m
RAM: g. skill aegis 3200
Motherboard: gigabyte b450m ds3h

If you need any more examples of problems I'm having or any questions let me know