Question Can't run games in fullscreen while monitor is overclocked

Mar 23, 2022
Today I received my new monitor (LG UltraGear 27GP950-B, 27") and ran into 2 issues:

First of all I have noticed unusual alt-tabbing behavior:
When running 4k 144hz DSC over DP 1.4, alt-tabbing out of a game takes 2 - 3 seconds with a black screen, alt-tabbing back in is instant.
I have done some research and apparently it has something to do with DSC being enabled, since this issue does not occur when limiting the resolution to a bandwith DP 1.4 can handle without DSC.
I were able to find reports but not a fix for this .

Lastly I simply can't run most of my games in (exclusive) fullscreen when I choose to overclock my monitor to 160hz in the OSD-Settings.
Basically starting the said games which have fullscreen preconfigured in the settings will freeze my whole pc with a blackscreen.
Does the game launch in borderless or windowed mode, changing to fullscreen in the settings will also trigger this issue / crash / freeze.
My power button will not respond and the only way to restart my pc is either holding it or cutting the power.
Interestingly when I enable the OSD fps counter, it will show 144 the moment it crashes / freezes.
I have tried some different games: Cyberpunk & DayZ will crash, while Escape from Tarkov and Minecraft runs fine showing 160 FPS ingame and on the OSD fps counter.
This behavior does not change when changing to 95hz or 60hz from 160hz in the nvidia control panel while the monitor is overclocked.
Everything runs fine on 4k 144hz when the monitor is not overclocked.

I was not able to find anything regarding this issue, at least not in correspondence to overclocking a monitor.

  • Latest drivers installed
  • Fresh reinstall with DDU already tried
  • Windows 10 19044
i7 8700k
AORUS RTX 3080 Master 12G
Crucial Ballistix 64GB DDR4-3200