Question Can't run most .exe files after game crash


Dec 2, 2016
Hi all,

Earlier today I was playing a game and it full crashed with a strange error I couldn't save. After the crash, Discord and all programs I had open except for Google Chrome crashed within a few seconds.
Now I am unable to open any .exe file aside from chrome and steam. Even regedit, any software install (malwarebytes, windows media creation tool) and any other program I have tried begins to open and crashes with in 2 seconds every time. I tried running some regedit fixes, from some with similar issues, by creating it on another machine and transferring over as I can't even open notepad but had no luck there is well. Restarted the machine countless times and let it sit shut down for half hour as well. I have no antivirus installed aside from windows defender and have run every possible scan, all coming back clean for what that's worth. Also, I booted in safe mode and all programs work perfectly.

Does this sound like a virus that I'm out of luck with or possibly something that can be solved without a full PC reset?

Any input would be much appreciated, thank you!
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Jun 12, 2015
in safe mode, can you look in event viewer and see if you can find the strange error that occurred in the game.

Knowing that would help since everything seems to be cascading from it.

You can also look in System Information Application
when it opens, choose the + next to Software Environment
Choose Windows Error Reporting
this might take a little while to populate the right window.
the dates are in alphanumerical order, not date order. can be a little confusing. Find the day the crash happened and take a screenshot of the errors. Just so you can share them here.

Windows Error Reporting not ideal place to get info but better than nothing.