cant see shares on WIN2000server


Feb 7, 2002
I put up a windows 2000 server. Instaled everything (active directory and file server and some other stuff). Created acounts. On another PC (winXP) i set up to login using domain. this part works.

But when I try to access a server over the network it doesn't allow me to see shared folders. I have shared them and set up rights for that acount.
When I click on the server in the network places after some time it asks for a password. I can see shared folders only if I enter the administrator password.
Main question:
How to make shared folders visible to everyone, without that username/password prompt???


May 17, 2001

Go into active directory userns & computers on the server, add a user/computer to correspond to the xp box's details. Then on the shares, be sure they have the appropriate user/group, on mine for eg., my "main pc" is a member of administrators on the server, so to do a share, I share and give administrator full rights, and other groups (the kids....) have their own group with more restriced rights. Be aware of NTFS/Share permissions, NTFS perms take priority, in fact theres no need to use share perms unless a fat32 drive.

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