Cant stream on twitch with good internet.

Nov 13, 2018
I get 175 down and 15 upload with unlimited data transfer but everytime I try to stream twitch on my pc (which is hardwired to my modem)
It will have random spikes of lag.
My ISP has been to my house 3-4 times now looking for a problem with my modem or wiring and have found nothing wrong. I have ruled out my pc being the problem as I have hardwired my xbox and it aswell will have random spikes of lag while streaming and it seems to get worse the longer I stream. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

Note* My modem is one floor below me and is connected to a 5 year old pc, not sure if that could be the problem?
(I have no idea what to do)

Note* i have used all sorts of streaming software all with the same result, one of which popped up with a low bandwidth message.


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