Can't tell if my motherboard, RAM, or CPU's are bad...


Nov 26, 2015
I have a SuperMicro X8DTT-F-SG007 Rev.2, 2 Xeon 5540, and 16 GB DDR3 1333mhz ECC RAM.

I modified my PSU 20 pin connector to match the proprietary pinout that the motherboard requires... and the light suggesting the CPU's are powering up does turn on and the heat sink fans do spool up.

I unplugged to the heatsink fans to see if I can hear anything like the hard drive or any other noises and noticed the PSU and the speaker I hooked up both make a clicking noise and are synchronized with each other.

I tested each cpu and the RAM some... but it is hard to tell if they are the issue. None of the other lights that I believe should turn on do.

Any ideas? How can I test this to confirm if the board is bad, the CPU(s) are bad, the PSU is bad, or if in fact the RAM (was is the only brand new thing I have from all the parts) is bad.

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