Can't transfer files to an external hard drive

Oct 25, 2018
I've been using the Maxone portable external hard drive with 250 GB in order to transfer my old pc files into a new pc. The problem is that whenever I try to transfer files to the external hard drive, it doesn't transfer the files at all. There have been multiple things that I have come across that show the files didn't transfer. First, it says that it is copying into the external hard drive, and then when it reaches half way through to 99%, it just stops and doesn't do anything. I try to cancel the process but it ends up freezing and I had no choice but to forcefully disconnect it. The second is that when I do transfer the file, it shows up in the external hard drive, never showing the "copying files into external hard drive". Whenever I try to click on the file to see if all the things in the file have transferred, it freezes up, and again, I have to forcefully disconnect the external hard drive. I'm not trying to spend more money on other external hard drives, so if anyone could just help me out with solving these problems that would be great.


Aug 11, 2016

Download a third party file copying application like the teracopy and try, its free.
We need to know if the OS is causing problem or if its the HDD itself.
run mlawarebytes and virus scan make sure pc clean. reinstall the mb and usb chipset drivers. if the error still there use a free Free Remote Access Software Tools to move the data over your home network from one pc to another.