Question Can't turn off my PC, keeps turning on again


May 1, 2016
Whenever I turn off my PC, or at least try, as soon as the screen goes black and my PC turns "off", it goes back on again.
What could it be? I've tried reinstalling Windows, resetting the BIOS...

W10 64-bit, PSU Cooler Master GX650W.
It's 5 or 6 years old, a lot of people recommended it to me.

What panel sorry?
Do you have a link to the PSU?
Is it Lite or Standard GX?

The GX are poorer quality PSUs, the only top quality PSUs Cooler Master make can be the V series and some MasterWatt Maker variants from my understanding.

For example, the GX only carry a 3-5 year warranty and you can tell a lot about the quality of a PSU by it's warranty.

Anything 3 years and less is concerning and I would probably never touch myself.
Anything 5 years and less is decent enough, but sometimes questionable.
Then you'll have some of the best that can be around 7 to 10+ years.

The front panel is where the front case buttons connect to your motherboard, basically if you have a faulty switch, a button could be powering the computer up again. You'd need to disconnect the case front panel wiring from the MB and turn on the MB manually.