Question Can't type in any system locations.


Dec 25, 2015
This was caused after I updated to the latest version of Windows 10. I can't type in the search bar, in Windows Explorer or even wake up my PC from sleep. The keyboard is unresponsive. Here's the thing though, I know WHAT the issue is but not how to fix it. It's the Language Bar, I'm 100% sure. If my Language Bar isn't on the task bar, I can't type. I don't know the reason, but that's my issue. I don 't use the Language Bar for anything and I don't care if it works or not, but I apparently NEED it to be able to type.

The strange thing is that it is actually activated, it just doesn't start when I turn my PC on. I went into my Advanced Keyboard Settings and the Language Bar option is checked and turned on. My current work around is to Windows+R and type ctfmon.exe, which turns on the LB and allows me to type again. I can somehow type in the Run window..but nothing else. I tried creating a Task that launches it right away when my PC starts up but sometimes it doesn't work. It seems to just pick and choose when to run the task. Obviously I can just Run when I log on, but it's such an annoyance and I even had to remove my password to be able to get to the point of running it. Any suggestions?