Jun 23, 2006
I'm trying to get rid of this Intel Desktop Utilities program because I want to use something else to monitor fan speeds and temperatures, but it won't seem to allow it.

When I go to Add/Remove Software and hit the Change/Remove button, the InstallShield Wizard starts and begins configuring, then I get this message:

"The installation won't work correctly if multiple users are logged on. Install will now abort."

Then I hit OK, and the Wizard says "The wizard was interrupted before Intel Desktop Utilities could be completely installed. The system has not been modified. To install this program at a later time, run the installation again."

ummm what? I want to remove it, not install it. However, even I run the original installer EXE again, I get the same errors.

So I can't uninstall it, I can't REinstall it. I cannot even move or re-name the progam folder. This program also starts up automatically when the system boots up, and I can't seem to change that either. It shows an icon in the system tray (iptray.exe) and the only way to get rid of that is to kill it in the running processes, but it comes right back the next time I boot up.

Is there anything I can do here short of reformating the whole machine? What's this deal with XP reporting multiple users? Is there some way to get around that in XP? I just built this rig a week ago and really don't care to already have to reformat.

If there's one thing that makes me mad, it's software that I can't control on my own computer. :evil:


Jul 6, 2006
I empathize with you. :cry: Not sure if I can help but I'll tell you what happened on mine.

I was trying to install an upgrade and tried ending every unecessary task and was getting the same. :x It was only when I removed the old version that my system decided I was the only one logged on. Makes a lot of sense. Not. :?

But it was all downhill from there. Hope you win soon.

Pentium D 940, Intel D945GBO (they're a BTX), 512Meg RAM
Windows XP Pro, Intel Desktop Utilities (regrettably)