Question Can't upload images and How to uninstall preinstalled apps on windows. remove apps on start ?

Nov 27, 2022
Don't see any category that fits here. I was gonna ask question about windows 10 anyways.
Imgur nothing seems to work they used to.
I made a jpg format image and can't upload. can't find the image I made. It's in my desk top. Searched for it but doesn't appear when I try to upload. Strange. This never happened. Could it be because
I don't have any image viewing software yet because I installed windows fresh again ? but I do have windows image viewing program so I can view it.


Question is,

Left click on windows icon on left lower hand corner, and you'll see
these things below.
I want to completely get rid of the list below.

Recently added (I want this gone. I want it to stop adding programs I recently added.)

Camera (Will find my own camera software if I need one.)

Clock (Bet it's nothing to do with the calendar and clock on the right hand lower corner right ? Then I don't need it.)

Cortana (Deleted with several attempts in many many ways such as "group policy, command prompt, windows powershell, etc but it still remains partially.
I still see this round circle icon here. I want it gone so badly.

Get Help


Microsoft Edge (Deleted as well but still remains here without any icon image at all. Just letters.)
Microsoft Store (Not even sure if I deleted this. want it gone. So many things to delete. I've been doing this today , whole day , forgetting what I deleted and what I didn't and didn't confirmed if it's gone.)

One Drive

People (Need it gone. Don't know what it is but bet it's something related to cortana and such disturbing data collecting stuff. I don't know. I don't need it for sure. And since it doesn't have uninstall button, it certainly is a must delete.)
Gives a shady dark bad feeling.

Phone Link


First I need these gone.

And not sure if "Meet Now" app is deleted.

This is exactly why I don't want to update windows so frequently. Only if it was security updates it be fine though. Ever since they brought programs that are not possible to delete, it's so annoying.

Microsoft Edge
Meet Now

These being the worst.
At least I can uninstall and unpin the other "Disney, Tiktok".

And the worst of all worst is "News and interests".

We don't need disturbing news showing up so easily while not even running a browser. Especially in these times where news can never be causing so much hate. (They call it hate crime and such but I say the
government and the news is one of the cause. and they are manipulating people. And I will not get any further about this cause I shouldn't be mentioning these stuff. because "let be positive no negativity"
is what people overly want.
Only mentioning little because it is related.)
Makes me think soon enough we will have to upload our own passport image on desktop background image to use pc at all on one side and one side will be showing news and advertisements 24/7
that microsoft wants to makes us watch. And YES. The videos will be unmuteable and disturbing. lol nobody is gonna use windows then.
I don't know why people tend to not have so much anger or frustration about these undeleteable softwares. Because it is so annoying to me.
The ratings of cortana already shows that majority hates it. And it is forced upon us so we can hate it and get frustrated even further.
But people on youtube mention some people will use it how to reinstall it and I'm like why aren't they mentioning how bad it is and wrong it is to force it ?

This is why I don't even want to watch news or search anything related. Having email app is always weird. Like why can't we just use the browser and go to the email website ? Don't see the purpose.

Also the checks allowing my data usage, my map geo location, connecting my phone with my pc, logging in in to my pc online so I can send more data as a default. It's sad.
I have to uncheck every one of these every time I update windows (Not really sure if it was) but at least when I reinstall windows because blue screen repeating.

Takes like whole 2,3 days to install windows , uninstall Cortana, microsoft edge because I need to research how to again and most of them does not work.
Need to install drivers, softwares, set options. etc. Takes so long. (mostly because it's a big assignment to figure out how to remove these stuff.)