Cant use backspace enter and spacebar for studio xps


Jun 14, 2012
My name is Shrikant and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell.

Following are the steps which you can use to isolate the problem

Check for any spilled liquids on the keyboard.
Verify that there is nothing sitting on the keyboard.
Plug or reseat the keyboard connecter directly into the computer{in case of desktop}.
Try using the keys in multiple applications like MS word,internet,e-mail etc.
Try using an external keyboard.
Try using the same keys in safe mode.You can go to safe mode by pressing F8 on the dell logo while startup.
Try using the same keys in DOS screen.You can go to DOS by clicking on start,type coomand & will open a black screen.
Also you can try Virtual keyboard.Click on start,control panel,ease of access & virtual keyboard.

If the keyboard is not working in safe mode & DOS screen.Keyboard is needed to be replaced or else it's an Operating system issue.
If you are able to use the keys in virtual keyboard,Keyboard is faulty.