Cant use Microphone in l4d2


May 6, 2011
My Logitech Headset is giveing me a Middle finger when running L4D2. When I test my mic on Steam test its fine, I can hear myself and the bars are moving. But when I test it in L4D2, L4D2's Voice test does nothing. People cant hear me in-game either. D: HEEELPZZ



i have the same problem, but i have a fatality headset , so its something to do with l4d2 i reckon


Oct 7, 2012
I to am having the same issue which started randomly. My MIC works in every game and tests out fine in steam. I have good hardware and Windows sees it fine as well. L4D2 in game test does not allow me to push to talk or test it with always on either. Needless to say the actual chat bubble will not come up in game as if it has not been bound to a key. I checked and set it to default for sake of testing which is "C: and i double checked that it was. In game Voice is turned on and i have it set to push to talk. I have tried both ways. After weeks of dealing with this I just did a complete Windows reload on my PC and would you believe this crap, the same thing. Did not fix it. I thought there was a corruption somewhere in windows with a file that L4D2 in game MIC may use since every other Steam and Origin game seem to work fine but since i just reloaded my with no results it obviously is not a Windows related issue. This is really pissing me off because when I contact Valve then email me with a "We do not support mics" and send me to the forum pages on checking your MIC which is insulting to me as i work in IT and none of those posting apply to this issue. This is a valve issue for sure like the rest of their broken crap and they will not take any responsibility for seeing games that each have their own problems. I guess I cant expect much more since Mr. Newel comes from Microsoft and they do the same *** there. PLEASE HELP!