cant use mouse and keyboard while installing win7

Oct 31, 2018
i try to install w7 on a second partition. and i have as main s.o w10.

i install w7 but when restart i cant use the keyboard or mouse to continue the installation.

im sure my usb kb and mouse are enabled on bios cause i can select which s.o to use w7 or w10.

my kb and mouse are connecto to 2.0 usb ports.

even i use a ps/2 port and didnt work too.

my motherboard is a ab350m-dh3

btw. i unplugged and plugged in again and leds turned on but still cant use it

update: i use r7 lite to bypass create user, configuration etc. finally ive installed windows, but i cant use kb and mouse even i set with f8 disable the requeriment to use only signed drivers. this is weird.

update 2: it seems my motherboards doesnt support native w7 but they have a utility to add the usb drivers to the iso on the download section . solved. thanks anyways
with windows 7 you have to hit f6 at the start of the install and do custom driver install. amd still has windows 7 drivers for there ryzen mb. if not there an old program called 7lite that let you make an updated windows iso.