Question Can't watch streaming videos


Hello, and thanks in advance for anyone who has ideas.

When I watch Twitch, or stream sports or anything like that, I have to turn the settings way down to 480p in order for it to play without stuttering. 1080p is unwatchable.

Things I have tried.

Called my ISP, they said everything fine on their end
Reinstalled windows
Installed latest network driver
Bought a new Cat6 cable
It's a new router from the ISP (2 months old).
Tried using Edge to see if it was a Chrome issue.

Tested on my cell phone this morning, and it plays 1080p without any issues. Smooth like butter. But my PC stutters until I turn down to 480p.

Thanks to anyone who can help me wrap my head around this.

Asus Prime B450
Ryzen 5 3400g
16Gb 3200 Ram
512Gb m.2 SSD
Corsair CX450
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I am not to sure this is a network issue. Since your phone works ok that eliminated pretty much everything else but the pc and the cable which you replaced.

Make sure you do not have any so called "gaming" network stuff installed. Asus likes to bundle it with their intel based boards not sure if it is on amd. It also comes bundled with video cards. Many times that one is called CFOSspeed. Any form of software that talks about giving games or really any kind of application priority I would uninstall.
This software just causes lots of strange issues.

I assume speedtest is fine ?. If you leave a constant ping run to I assume you see fairly consistent latency. Unlike a game even ping spikes here are there will not hurt video streams.

I would be more suspect of video drivers than anything else but it is hard to say. Reinstalling windows should have fixed most stuff.

What you could try even though it will only prove it is something in windows is to boot a USB linux image. I would make sure you use USB3 since everything runs from the device and you are doing a bit more than just some simple tests. Most these images have chrome pre installed so you could just open twitch and try it. There is a bunch of stuff that does not run under linux but I would think streaming run inside a browser would.

BUT this would just prove it was windows and you would still not know what it is.
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