Info Capacitors are the problem


Oct 22, 2021
After a while the Power Supply capacitors for monitors become out of range of their total Effective Series Resistance, or ESR. Low ESR capacitors need to be replaced and they have KITS for most every monitor. A schematic shows that the capacitors are used with a small IC. Too much total impedence and your monitor will give you problems until it goes totally black and can not be used.


The Electronics books for College graduates may not even have this term, ESR.
The capacitors will show a visual buldge at the top and may vent and leak so they are
easy to locate. Maybe four of them in a power supply.

Take your monitor to a bench electronic technician if you cannot do this yourself and see if he wants to help you. A technician going into a business will have the office manage throw him out while cracking apart your monitor and going to so much trouble he is disrespected.

Is this what you realize? That you can repair your monitor and have such a small problem fixed? This fix is shown over and over again as the cause in hundreds of vblogs online.
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