Capture device to record pc?


Jun 21, 2011
Im looking for a card to record the signal from my computer. I dont like to use screen capturing software since i dont have the most powerful pc. But i do have an EVGA GTX 570, i was wondering, since im using only the dvi ports (coverted to vga for my 2 monitors) could i possibly get a capture device that records hdmi feed and link that up to my video card, then set the hdmi port to display the same feed as whats on another monitor and record that?

My goal is to record pc gameplay, fraps is way too intensive dropping frame rates on cod from 90+ to under 30 and sometimes unplayable/ enjoyable rates.
Sorry if this has already been asked, but ive been searching and can only find capture cards threads for xboxs and consoles.

Fraps is currently the only "good" software, there really is no point of getting another device if any to record your screen. What cpu are you using?