Card not recognized (Time for an RMA?)


Oct 7, 2012
Yesterday (Chrismas Eve) I built a new pc. It all works except for one part, and its a big one. My brand new EVGA gtx 680 (the edition with 2 fans) is not providing any output. The fans spin up but there is no data output. I managed to get it to output video once before it kicked the digital can. This one output is enough proof to me to say it is either the card, or my motherboard needs PCIe driver updates. I can't exactly check the last slot tonight or change any drivers until tomorrow. Is there any hope that my GPU is still alive? Nvidia's own driver updater can't find the GPU... Is there anyway to be absolutely sure that it is dead before I file for an RMA from Newegg? I dont want to have to wait any longer to start enjoying my new rig, especially now that my GPU power has effectively quadrupled in strength.

Sorry for the LQ thread, im on an iPhone (for fairly obvious reasons, even though I could use the intel 4000 graphics...)

Any help is apreciated and welcomed. I need any help when it comes to this!


Mar 15, 2012
well if it worked once it sounds like it maybe is dead :( BUT! i sent 2 mobos tht got destroyed (my own fault) back to newegg and they gladly replaced! so try your mobo with diffrent card or with integrated, and see if it works. if it does, then send your GPU for RMA,
chances are its problematic and its better just to get a new one. i know how annoying it is to wait to set up your rig, i had to wait 4 days with my brand new mobo and psu from newegg sitting on the porch.

Best of Luck,