Card upgrade


Feb 20, 2011
emachine w5243 mcp61sm-gm nvidia gforce 6100 nforce 405 and want to upgrade the graphics card. it has 3 differnt types of pci slots. so what card will fit in this computer for around $40 id like to stay with nvidia if possiable (i updated the processor to an amd athlon X2 6000+ 3.1 part # ADV6000IAA5DO drop right in even with out bios flash and i think it has a 300w power supply but the size of the GPU i think going to be a problem cause i have a nvidia tnt2 32mb from the 1900's and it wont fit i tried for S**TS and gigles so im looking for a graphics card that will drop right in and be better than stock ( PLEASE HELP !!