Cardboard PC case

Jul 24, 2018
So i just moved to a new country and i wanted to take the pc with me,the case was too big so i just took the components warp them in bubblewarp and some cardboard very careful, after i arived it passed two weeks and i didnt fin any case so i decided to make it from a cardboard everything goes fine i manage to get it in there and it the pc starts but i dont get any signal to my monitor, i tested the monitor and it works fine, the fans spin the lights work but no monitor singnal thats it.(sorry for bad english)

Cpu- intel core 2 quad q900
Gpu- Gtx 770 2gb
Mobo- Asus p5q
Ram- Corsair 8gb ddr3

I know its stiupid but i wanna know if i can get it to work or if any component could broke on the road

It is a danger to run a PC in a cardboard case. You lose some of the advantages to having everything inside a metal enclosure. For one, grounding is compromised. In order to work well your PC has to be grounded, otherwise you build up potential voltages between different components and traces, and that can lead to instability or outright death if it is bad enough. Another issue with a cardboard case is electromagnetic interference. It don't kill components, but it will cause instability if you are using it near things that would interfere (like poorly shielded microwaves, florescent or neon lights, TVs, transmitters of any kind, etc.).

Now, there is also the possibility that something broke in transit. Do you have access to other parts to test with? Like an older video card?