CardExpert GeForce3 compatibility



First, when I installed the GeForce3 card, and powered up the computer and monitor, it worked.
Second, I would power both off.
Third, upon re-powering both computer and monitor up again, there is no video on my monitor. The monitor works - just no video.

What I would have to do to get the video back on the monitor is:
First, power off both monitor and computer. Second, replace the GeForce3 card with an old ATI Rage card. Third, turn on computer and monitor, and the monitor will work, until the next time I turn off the computer.

What a pain.

I am using the following:

Motherboard : Abit KT7A/KT7A-RAID

CPU: AMD Thunderbird 1.4 Ghz/266

Chipset: VIA Apollo KT133A
For the RAID - chipset : HotPoint HPT 370 - but I am not using it
at all. Just have the one hard drive C.

Monitor: Hewlitt Packard HP 70 D2837A 17 inch monitor. I have no problems using this monitor on my Micron 800 Mhz computer.

I thought it might have been the refresh rate or resolution set too high, so I reduced it. It didn't make any difference.

I have downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers. That didn't seem to help.

I am truly at a lost - I thought this should be easier as the product
got more sophisticated. I couldn't download the latest BIOs because
Windows ME doesn't make bootable disk ala "format a: /s" anymore. The
make a emergency boot disk, which takes up nearly 1Mbyte of floppy disk,
leaving not enuf space to download BIOS update.

Any help gladly or advice gladly welcomed, but my patience is near an
end. Otherwise, I am returning this product in two days.


ur GeForce is pushed all the way into the AGP slot right? i had this problem and that was the cause..does the computer make a beeping noise when u try to boot? if so make sure the card is firmly seated in the agp slot


Thanks, AMDLover. On further research, I have found that the technical term is that "my monitor will not POST". I had suspected incompatibility problems, and I have found an excellent site for allGeForce users.

Scroll down Index past Hardware Questions to "General FeForce:. Scroll to "Troubleshooting". Look for
"My PC will not post...."

I know, it is about GeForce2 cards, but still, it offered insight as to what could possibly be wrong.