[SOLVED] Cas Latency for gaming


yes, that ram JEDEC profile for 3200mhz is Cas22 @1.2v (as per what the page said, also on gskill page too), so it's better to go that one rather than using the cas 16 if the laptop doesn't support xmp profile
THe bios is a standard Clevo bios for this laptop so there is no option to change XMP profile but when i bought this laptop like a week ago that the Prema bios should be coming maybe they will have a stop for Xmp profile changing
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I already have the Gskill sticks with the cas 22 at 3200 8x2 is 16 going to benift me if i can make it work ?
well sorta, you know, ram never run at it's rated speed, because of how loose the timing, so if you could do xmp (and a little tweak on secondary timing and teritary), you could get closer to the max ram speed at dual channel running double data rate. Smaller CL = Near to the rated data rate.