Question Case advice

Feb 2, 2019
I’m on my 4th build. The first one was retired, The last two are still running well but it’s time to move on. I’ve always used full tower cases and always ran RAID 1 with two regular hard drives and always had two DVD RW drives. I admit that I rarely use the DVD drives and I am now ready to go to solid state drives so I am thinking of a mid-sized case.

I notice a lot of the cases today seem to have no 5.25” mounting in the front (or anything else). I would still want a DVD R/W drive, but I guess I could add that with USB. It would be nice to have a front panel with the latest USB connectors and audio connectors though. I guess that is what is making my decision so hard. A couple of years of changes in tech is huge, so perhaps there are many better ways to do things now.
I have the motherboard (regular size ATX), power supply, SSDs, and video card. etc. picked out but I am stuck on a case! I always buy top of the line motherboards even though I don’t overclock. I also buy high quality video cards, It will not the latest and greatest, but it will be 4K. Because I am not overclocking and for less complication, I plan to stay air cooled. What are your ideas? Cost is not too much of a problem.
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