Case air flow


Feb 18, 2009
I recently bought a Thermaltake V9 Black Edition case. This case comes with 120mm fans on the front and the rear and 230mm fans on the side and the top. The power supply is going to be placed in the bottom of the case.

So the question I have is what type of fans should the power supply have to work together with the case fans.
-If the power supply has a fan on top would this disrupt air from the side or front fans? Would this be venting hot air right onto my other components?
-If the power supply has a front fan will this disrupt air coming from the front case fan?
-If the power supply only has a rear vent will it be enough to keep it cool?

I also had a question on how the case fans should be positioned (intake, vent) Here's what I had in mind:
Front and side fans: intake
Back and top fans: vent

Thanks for any help. I plan to use this as an overclocked gaming machine, so I figure heat will difinitely come into play.


Mar 30, 2007
It won't matter much on where the psu fan is. All psu's exhaust hot air out the back. As for your idea for the orientation of the case fans, that should work fine.


Nov 4, 2008
Your front fan you ussualy want as intake.
Your Back fan and top fan you ussualy want as vent. (top fan - vent because heat rises)

Depending on your graphics card would determine wither I'd have the side fan being intake vs vent. If the graphics card blows air out the back then i'd have it be used as intake. If the graphics card blows the hot air into the case then i'd have it vent. The front fan should still be able to keep up.

Edit: I check at newegg your case design. I noticed the side vent your talking about is on the motherboard tray side. I'd have this fan venting. If you can just turn up the front fan's speed (if you don't mind the noise that is). There is plenty of holes in the case so you shouldn't create an airflow vaccum by having the 3 venting and only the 1 intake.