Case and PSU for athlon



I am looking for a good but inexpensive case and psu for my athlon 1.2. I need at least a mid-atx case.



Dec 31, 2007
well i know the brand Lan li (i think) has good cases...
generall what you ideally want is a case with
A. a good PSU (not just wattage, also quality brand)
B. optimal ventilation
C. no nasty sharp edges or inconvient places that are hard to get to.

when i got my PC i just got a generic case, for cost reasons mostly.
it was equipped with the lightest crappiest PSU ive ever seen, an Omni 300W unit.
put in an enermax and its been much nicer.
u can easily spot the really good PSU's by how many fans they have. cheap ones only have a rear fan. quality ones have an additional downward facing one to suck away warm air from around the CPU. (good design).
my new enermax unit is also quieter, having temp dependent variable speed fans, and generally runs alot cooler as its not being pushed to its limit all the time.

next have a look at the front and rear casefan slots. the average case will have 2. better ones have more. one in the front below the drive bays, on rear below the PSU. look at the grills on them, you will want as much empty space there as possible. my fan vent holes were made from 3mm pattern of puntched holes... very poor design as less than half the air pumped by the fan was getting out! (i got a pair of metal cutters onto mine!... vast improvement after!)

ideally you want an easy airflow path from front to back

lastly just have a look at general design... no shoddy workmanship, quality crafting, no sharp edges, loose components to vibrate or break, solid drive bays.

hope this helps

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