Question Case and ram suggestions for ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING(WI-FI)

Apr 20, 2021
Hi everyone,
I am building my gaming PC and also plan to use for productivity tasks like photoshop, programming etc. So far what I purchased.- ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING(WI-FI)
  • Seasonic Focus PX Fully Modular PC Power Supply, 80Plus, Platinum
  • Enermax Aquafusion 240mm Cpu cooler
  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
2 things i cannot really decide a good fitting case for the motherboard i purchased and if I should go for 2x32gb ddr4 3600mhz ram or 2x16db ddr4 4000mhz .. is there a big performance difference between 3600 and 4000?
Regarding the cases, motherboard support usb 3.2 but it seems difficult to find a case with 3.2 with a good price. Asus Rog case is quite pricy for me for a case.
you will also need a dedicated graphics card.
no iGPU on the 5800X.

there are a lot of threads on Tom's,, and other tech sites describing what RAM is the best match for the best performance with Ryzen CPUs.
doing a couple quick searches should give you a good idea of what exact specs to look for.
unless you are doing some very heavy video editing, etc 32GB should be more than enough memory.

a lot of the best cases have started being kind of hard to come by, being out of stock in most locations.
i have a "wishlist" from last year when i was searching for a new case with some of the better looking, mostly mid-large ATX cases, most with better options for fan\radiator placement: - Cases
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Apr 20, 2021
@JohnBonhamsGhost thanks for your reply. If i am not mistaken my motherboard supports usb 3.2, does it not make sense to buy a case with 3.2 support? even though it is hard to find one, even Asus Rog Case doesnt support it yet.
my motherboard supports usb 3.2, does it not make sense to buy a case with 3.2 support?
do you have enough 3.2 devices that will benefit from the 3.2 features that only using those on the motherboard's rear I\O aren't enough?
and are you so determined to get 2x 3.2 support on the front I\O that you would purchase an uglier case, one with worse cooling options, or one lacking other features?

i know the be quiet! Silent Base 802 has at least one 3.2 port on it's front I\O.
it is a very nice case with great features. if i hadn't already got my Vector RS i would have gotten it for sure.
still considering switching to one and just using my existing for a separate build.

if you wait long enough surely more manufacturers will start producing them.
but do you want to wait that long to finish the build?
Apr 20, 2021
I think that it is nice to have but not a must. I have my Usb hub connected to my 2 Monitors using Usb 3.2. I can only see as advantage for now. Your suggestions is very nice. I found also

as possible other options in the same price range. Little bit more expensive
can be considered. I am between these 3 but I will compare better with Silent Base 802 as well.
MSI makes some nice products.

the Gungnir 110R looks nice but seems to be very short from front to back. if you don't ever plan on upgrading to a larger radiator, that wouldn't matter much though.
another thing i always look for is proper ventilation in the PSU shelf & bottom for drives, fans, or GPU radiator placement. which this one seems to lack.

the Sekira 500P also looks nice. for a basic browser system or regular office work this would be fine,
but it's total lack of airflow would make it a terrible choice for any gaming or heavy processing system.

the 500X seems to be a very nice case in most aspects. i don't think i'd pay anywhere near $300 for it though.
i can't really tell from MSI's images how well vented the front is for cool air intake,
but having 200mm fans is always a plus.
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