Question Case fan cooling

Mar 29, 2023
Hi guys. I have an RTX3060 running and only 1 cooling case fan. When the computer is in startup mode the case fan will not spin. I cannot see it in the bios to check the graph. I have replaced it just in case it is faulty but the same thing is happening. The computer is overheating and shutting down when gaming. Can you suggest a solution for me please.


Nov 30, 2021
I have 3 intake in front, 1 exhaust on top and 1 exhaust in back. I have been working all day since 6 this morning on my pc. It is running 33c for CPU and 27c for GPU (currently 54f, I am off work now and fairly buzzed, so no idea what that is in Celsius, forgive me but I am obviously American). Disclaimer, my office is in my detached garage in So Cali (once it gets warm, I have the doors open, so about 360 days a year). Even in summer, 90f outside, if I turn up my fans to about 50% I rarely hit above 50 c on either.

I run 3 monitors all day, working and either streaming music or vid. (WFH)

TL;DR More fans to start with.
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Mar 23, 2023
It sounds like your case fan may not be properly connected to your motherboard or power supply. You should check the fan's connections to ensure that it is properly plugged in and receiving power. You may also want to try plugging it into a different fan header on your motherboard to see if that resolves the issue.
If the fan is properly connected and still not spinning, there may be a problem with the fan controller on your motherboard or the fan itself. In this case, you may need to replace your motherboard or the fan.
In the meantime, to prevent your computer from overheating, you can try adding additional case fans or using a more efficient cooling solution such as a liquid cooling system. You may also want to adjust your fan curves in your BIOS settings to ensure that your fans are running at the appropriate speeds to keep your system cool.
It would be helpful if you supplied the make/model of your case, cpu cooler, and what is inside it.

Normally in the bios you will have a fan control section.
look to see how your fan is controlled.
I might add that a single fan is not likely to be a good solution.