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Question Case Fan Help


Mar 7, 2014
Hi everyone, So I recently ordered a new case ( Phanteks Evolv Shift Air) Should get it here in a couple hours.

So from the looks of the case you get one Phantek 140mm fan with the case
which leaves me with 2 open spots (i think according to the manual. I don't plan to use a Radiator with this case (yet).

I have a couple fans laying around which are
1x 14omm COOLER MASTER A12025-12CB-3BN-F1
1x 120mm COOLER MASTER A12025-12CB-3BN-F1
2x 120mm Silverstone SST-FN124 (Slim Fans)
1x 120mm Scythe Slip Stream Slim SY1212SL12M (Slim Fan).

Not sure which ones i should use. I'm sorta worried about Air Flow/Cooling. At the moment i don't plan to do any Overclocking.

Also The Fan Layout on the case seems a bit confusing so i'm not sure where i should have my intake fans and out take fans. from the looks of the PDF it looks like u should only have the one 140mm phantek fan as a outake and the 2 other's one on the very bottom and bottom chamber as intakes. Any insight would be appreciated! Thank You!.