Question Case Fan Loud Sound?


Feb 28, 2016
Recently out of the blue, my PC started making a loud sound (sort of sounds like a loud buzz or whirring). I thought that maybe one of the case fans had built dust up so I clean the inside of the PC with air duster, and vacuum. The sound went away for a week and then came back again. I tried cleaning again and to no avail. If I hit the top of the PC lightly, the sound kind of smoothes out but then comes back. I'm not sure what fan it is.

ANy ideas?


I you've had this machine for a few years, this sounds like at least one fan'[s bearings are wearing out. When that happens, typically you get that noise when the machine is started up while cold (not in use for hours), and the sound goes away after a minute of a few. If you reboot while it is warm you do not get the sound, but you do get it after being shut off for a full cool-down. If you just ignore this for months, the sound will start to last longer until it never stops. If you wait even longer, the fan will seize up and not work at all.

If you have a fan with worn bearings, the only real solution is to identify the faulty fan and replace it. Wait until the system is cold. Open the case, and get a long pencil. Start up and immediately use the eraser on the end of the pencil to go from one fan to another, stopping it briefly and then letting it go. You will find the noisy fan.